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HMPS Day Two: Show Your Team What You’re Learning

Let’s take a look at what attendees learned during Tuesday’s 23rd Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit:

  • This video from Kleenex was something that everybody was talking—and crying—about. It features a NICU nurse, who meets all the babies she helped save. Ron Tite, CEO of Church+State, told attendees: “These are the videos you should be making. These are your stories.”
  • If you’re looking for a hospital CEO to follow on Twitter, look no further than Tony Slonim at Renown Health. Brash and bold, but still thoughtful about everything he says online, he’s been empowered by his chief marketing officer, Suzanne Hendery, to connect with patients. Whether it’s through Twitter or his blog, he builds a real one-to-one connection with patients and staff. One more thing: He doesn’t call them patients. He calls them people.
  • Piedmont Healthcare is experimenting with chatbots. Led by Matt Gove, chief consumer officer, Piedmont Healthcare teamed up with Brian Gresh, CEO of Loyal, to build a chatbot for Piedmont’s website—giving patients an opportunity to find answers to a variety of questions, such as billing, parking or appointments. Gove stressed the importance of moving quickly on new initiatives like this, saying “You’ve just got to do stuff. You can’t ask for permission. You just can’t wait around.”
  • Did you know that brands test their Super Bowl ads on YouTube, two weeks before the big game? Kevin Lao, partner enablement manager at Google, filled his talk with lots of fun facts like this, but also told healthcare communicators what they need to be paying attention to: focus on “near me” searches and invest more money into YouTube advertising because of its enormous reach.

These are just a few of the many highlights from Day 2. To hear more, order the Summit Playback. And, watch for more articles in the days and weeks to come!

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