Healthcare Executives Leadership Network

What is the Healthcare Executives Leadership Network?

The Healthcare Executives Leadership Network (HELN) is a group of diverse and highly accomplished healthcare leaders and pioneers who meet three times a year for unique learning experiences, with the ultimate purpose of inspiring transformation across the healthcare ecosystem. Formed more than 30 years ago by forward-thinking healthcare leaders, HELN is a network of communication, learning, and professional development.

Beyond the opportunity for learning, HELN represents a “work/life” experience intended to build lifelong and career-long relationships for members. Informal conversations and interactions, coupled with the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of other members, make membership a unique opportunity.

Purpose-Driven Mission, Vision, and Values

HELN creates a forum for members to engage in a purpose-driven dialog. Members explore trends and developments throughout the healthcare landscape. The value and strength of that dialog is fostered and supported by:

  • Diversity of members – to advance a broad perspective
  • Experiential sessions – to stimulate enhanced understanding and appreciation of concepts
  • Active group discussion – to deeply probe and vet theses, conclusions, observations, and solutions presented by faculty

Meetings are intentionally designed to stimulate the curiosity of members and drive engagement through presence and participation. Members share their unique perspectives, challenge the status quo, and drive towards market innovation.

Additionally, HELN promotes professional and personal relationships motivated by a selfless interest to support others and make a difference related to the needs of society in the larger healthcare community.

A Diverse Membership

Often, as executives rise in their careers, they find that their professional networks narrow, as do the channels through which they receive new information. HELN cuts across industry silos to counteract this narrowing, enabling members to understand the driving forces that affect the entire healthcare ecosystem.

HELN members are divergent, restless thinkers, who question aggressively and teach each other based on their unique experience.  They include C-Suite executives, physicians, investors, entrepreneurs, and consultants, and span a range of age cohorts, cultural backgrounds, disciplines, experience levels, and industry sectors. Members come from:

  • hospitals, health systems, and academic medical centers
  • private equity and venture firms
  • technology-driven start-up companies
  • health plans and insurance companies
  • technology and supply firms
  • policy and research organizations
  • medical groups and ancillary service organizations

Meeting Focus and Topics

HELN members meet three times a year for one-and-a-half-day “deep dives” focused on essential topics in this time of transformation. Members reach out through their non-overlapping professional networks into the farthest reaches of this nearly $3 trillion industry to find innovative concepts and ideas to explore.

Meetings feature well-known, highly regarded experts from both within and outside the Network. Speakers deliver brief presentations and serve as catalysts for lively, intense discussions. The meetings also feature “share-arounds,” during which members share what’s going on in their firms or fields and how they are developing new products and businesses.

Meetings focus on healthcare trends; technology and innovation; culture and leadership; policy and regulatory issues; and strategies for impacting the health, well-being, performance, and productivity of various populations.

Recent meetings have examined:

  • Behavioral Health, Neuroplasticity, and Brain Health
  • The Federal Health Policy Agenda
  • Innovation Approach and Process
  • Telemedicine/Telehealth
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • A Look at the Irish Healthcare System
  • Age and Age-Related Disease: Extending Lifespan
  • The Future of the Hospital
  • Advanced Care: Creating Choices for People at the End of Life


Network Goals

Network members are committed to developing a forum that will allow them to:

  • Maintain an open, balanced dialogue, one in which members respectfully agree and disagree around diverse opinions
  • Gain insights from the success and failure of Network members
  • Attain specific data, approaches, information, and methods that are helpful or value-added to the members’ work
  • Enhance individual leadership attributes, values and capabilities
  • Develop collegial relationships where members are responsive, available, and helpful dialogue partners
  • Bring additional value to their organization
  • Have fun and enjoy each other’s company

Member Expectations

HELN values candor, respect, commitment, and authenticity among its members. To maximize the value of participation for all, members commit to the following operating rules:

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Contribute to the development of meeting agendas, and, when appropriate, agree to act as a program chair, as well as participate as faculty
  • Offer full engagement and active participation and attention
  • Ensure confidentiality and protection of member information
  • Remain interested, supportive, and available
  • Communicate honestly with openness and vulnerability
  • Provide an equal chance for all members to express their views
  • Willingly support the Network’s development and the creation of a sustainable infrastructure
  • Give top priority to all member requests, including a 24-hour return call service

Leadership and Contacts

HELN is currently co-chaired by Rob Coppedge and Jeff Terrill and managed by the Healthcare Strategy Institute. For additional information, please contact:

Daniel Neiman
Director of Business Development
Healthcare Strategy Institute
312-440-9080 Ext. 25


Judy Neiman
Healthcare Strategy Institute
312-440-9080 Ext. 24