Monday, May 8

9:00a - 12:00p


Winning on Customer Experience

Customer experience is now a C-suite priority for healthcare organizations, driven by competition, transparency, and consumer power.  Yet many struggle to define, design, and deliver valued experiences that drive brand differentiation and loyalty.  Examine the role of marketing in experience management, including how to listen to customers and apply insights to experience design.

Suzanne Hendery, Chief Marketing Officer & VP, Renown Health (Reno, NV)

Chris Holt, Chief Experience Officer, Holy Redeemer Health System (Philadelphia, PA)

Selima Khan, VP, Marketing Communications, Memorial Healthcare System (Hollywood, FL)

Karen Corrigan, CEO, Corrigan Consulting


The Next Step in Content Marketing: Governance and Workflows

If you are struggling with “too much content,” “not enough content,” or “the wrong content,” this workshop is for you! Learn how to master the fundamentals of producing great content, including how to align teams, formulate iterative plans for governance and workflow, and sell your organization on the consistency and coherency that guidelines and standards will bring to content. Take home a recipe for:

  • Assessing current workflow and governance standards
  • Choosing the right tools for your organization
  • Building tools that work
  • Gaining executive and team buy-in

Ahava Leibtag, President, Aha Media Group

pre-summit strategy session iii

Proving Marketing ROI: What to Track and How to Track It

Marketers are on the hot seat to prove value to their organizations every day. Good news: access to metrics is plentiful. But…what’s most meaningful to track? How do you hardwire tracking into your traditional and digital campaigns and make the connection to revenue? And how do you persuasively communicate results to stakeholders? Examine case studies, best practices, and different perspectives.

Wendy Hoke, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center (Cleveland, OH)

Lisa McCluskey, Vice President, Marketing Communications, CHI Memorial Health (Chattanooga, TN)

Stephen Moegling, Partner, Franklin Street

pre-summit strategy session iv

Rethinking Physician Relations: Preparing for the Future

Clinical integration, population health strategies, bundled payments, network alignment…all are included in one way or another in every organization’s strategic plan. As those plans continue to advance, how can physician relations leaders support the new strategic direction? Hear what it takes to remain relevant and deliver results. Examine changes in the field role, how data is used, and new measures of success. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

Lori Corbell, Director, Provider Relations/Sales, CHRISTUS Health (Irving, TX)

Marcy Traxler, VP, Business Development & Service Line Strategy, AMITA Health System (Elk Grove Village, IL)

Susan Boydell Partner, Barlow/McCarthy

1:00 - 2:15p

strategic marketing

To Centralize or Not to Centralize

It’s an ongoing question…and one that has taken on even more importance given increased merger activity: should marketing and branding be controlled at the system or local level? Examine different approaches, challenges, and lessons learned.

Nick Ragone, SVP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Ascension (St. Louis, MO)

Sarah Sanders, Associate Chief Marketing Officer, Penn Medicine (Philadelphia, PA)

Jean Hitchcock (Facilitator), President, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications


communication & engagement

Re-Engineering Internal Communications for the Digital World

Geisinger Health System strategically revamped its internal communications approach to respond to digital preferences and engage “on-the-go” physicians, nurses, and other staff. Examine Geisinger’s user-friendly Intranet portal, employee text-messaging program, internal collaboration tools, and Digital Town Halls with system leaders. Hear how data and analytics drive decisions.

Andrea Badrigian,Vice President of Internal Communications, Geisinger Health System (Danville, PA)

Benjamin Texter, Co-Founder, Digital Health Strategies

Analytics, Data & Measurement

Call Centers: Unifying the "Front Door"

Busy health system call centers often aren’t able to sufficiently prioritize marketing calls to action as they contend with so many patient management demands. Examine a strategic approach that makes the “front door” a priority, unifies the brand, and enables effective tracking and scheduling of patients in alignment with operations. Hear results.

Jill Austin, Chief Marketing Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, TN)

Erinne Kovi Dyer, EVP, Growth

interactive & digital strategies

Beyond Campaigns: Strategic Use of CRM

When done right, segmentation provides a strategic foundation for aligning marketing tactics with KPIs. Learn how to use your CRM system to build segments and personas to better reach consumers. Examine a data-driven approach to segmenting into differentiated groups based on value. Hear how to apply the approach and measure success along the way.

Elizabeth Joint, Marketing Manager, Ochsner Health System (New Orleans, LA)

Dave Griffith, Vice President, Analytics & Insights, Healthgrades


physician relations & sales

Employed Physician Strategy: Leakage, Keepage, and Marketing

With more systems owning physician practices, liaisons can play a key role in referral management as well as in helping employed physicians grow their practices. Examine successful approaches.

Alex Ellsworth, Director, Growth & Physician Relationship Management, UHS Delaware (Allentown, PA)

Robin Krueger, Director, Physician Relations, Northern Nevada Medical Center (Reno, NV)

2:30 - 3:45p

strategic marketing

Balancing CRM and Brand Building Efforts

With limited resources, healthcare marketers must juggle how much of their budgets to devote to customer relationship marketing vs. brand building. Learn how the two can (and should) work together. Examine what’s working, what’s not, and why.

Josh Adkins, Director, Strategic Marketing, Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL)

Preston Gee, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, CHRISTUS Health (Irving, TX)

John Marzano, Vice President, Marketing & Public Affairs, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Allentown, PA)

Joel English (Facilitator), Managing Partner, BVK

communication & engagement

Best Practices in Crisis Communications: Let’s Talk!

From data breaches to disease outbreaks to local tragedies…is your organization prepared to manage a crisis? Hear lessons and tips from communicators who have successfully guided their organizations through a crisis. Learn how to optimize the use of traditional channels and social media.

Glenn Bieler, Chief Communications Officer, UW Medicine (Seattle, WA)

Terri McNorton, VP, Corporate Communications, Bon Secours Health System (Marriottsville, MD)

Andrew J. Snyder, SVP, Marketing & Communications, Orlando Health (Orlando, FL)

Marilyn Wilker (Facilitator), President, MintChip Communications


Analytics, Data & Measurement

Driving Innovation through Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM (HCRM) can facilitate patient engagement, improve acquisition and conversion, serve as the vehicle for population analysis, and drive ROI. But, can it do more? Learn how HCRM can work with other enterprise systems to transform patient experience, facilitate the transition to value-based care, promote brand consistency, improve clinical engagement, and ultimately improve outcomes.

Matt Casselton, Vice President, Marketing & Consumer Engagement, Trinity Health (Livonia, MI)

Jessica Friedeman, Vice President, Solutions Engineering, Evariant

interactive & digital strategies

Working with Online Communities

Online communities have become increasingly popular as a way for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to share knowledge and find support. How can healthcare marketers support these peer-to-peer networks? Learn where the opportunities are for providing guidance, building relationships, and contributing knowledge.

Cindy Price Gavin, Founding Executive Director, Let’s Win! Sharing Science Solutions for Pancreatic Cancer

Colin Hung, Consultant, HCLDR

Dan Dunlop, President, Jennings


physician relations & sales

Developing a Results-Driven Onboarding Process

Confusing onboarding with orientation is a common, and costly, error. But the right approach can overcome policy and communication barriers that needlessly delay integration of physicians into their practices. Examine effective models, including how to use data to connect new providers to receptive audiences and measure progress and performance at key points in the practice development cycle.

Mitzi G. Kent, RN, BSN, VP of Strategy & Physician Relations, LifePoint Health (Brentwood, TN)

Carrie Bennett, Vice President of Client Strategy, Marketware


4:00 - 5:15p

Sponsored by Healthgrades

Stealing Fire: Unlocking Your Full Potential to Achieve Peak Performance

Generating “flow” and getting “into the zone” have become the goal of the world’s most elite organizations. Why are business moguls attending Burning Man? Why has meditation become a billion-dollar industry? Why are technology gurus experimenting with new states of consciousness to unlock creativity? All are ways to shift one’s state of mind and unlock greater potential. Steven Kotler reveals how altered states sharpen decision-making capabilities, unleash creativity, fuel cooperation, and let us tap into levels of inspiration and innovation unavailable at all other times.

Steven Kotler, Bestselling Author; Award-Winning Journalist; Co-Founder/Director of Research, Flow Genome Project

5:15 - 7:15p

Reception in the Exhibit Hall