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Powerpoint Guidelines

The quality and consistency of Summit presentations has a major impact on attendees’ overall satisfaction with the Summit. Therefore, we ask that all faculty:

♦ Email a copy of your presentation (PowerPoint) to Krista Attreau by March 17, 2023. We will pre-load your presentation on the laptop in the room in which you’ll be speaking.


Upload a PDF of your presentation for posting on the Summit mobile app (also due by March 17, 2023). This will allow attendees to review the slides and decide whether or not they want to download copies to bring to the meeting.

♦ If you make any changes to your presentation, please be sure to re-submit.

♦ Bring a copy of your slide presentation to the Summit on a flash drive. This ensures that we will have a backup, particularly if any changes were made to the presentation after the original was submitted.

♦ Adhere to the Guidelines below.


  • Provide us with a Microsoft Office PowerPoint (PPT) of your presentation. Microsoft Word summaries will not be accepted as a substitute. To allow for maximum viewing quality, presentations will be displayed in WIDE-SCREEN. Please ensure you have selected the 16:9 format for wide-screen:
    > Select ‘Design’ tab
    > Select ‘Page Setup’
    > Select ’16:9’ from the drop-down menu
  • While there is no required template, we ask that the first slide include the session title; the Summit logo and name “28th Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit”; and names, titles, and organizations for all speakers. Your final thank you slide should include the Forum logo. Download the Forum Logo and Download the Summit Logo
  • For sessions with more than one speaker, please incorporate all PPTs into one final PPT.
  • Please provide us with the FINAL PPT, in electronic form, by the requested deadline date (March 17, 2023). NOTE: If the PPT is not received by the requested deadline date, it will not be posted on the app prior to the Summit.
  • For printing and visual purposes, please use a light background with dark text. And, avoid excessive copy and fonts that are so small they’re unreadable.
  • For sessions that are 60 minutes long, please keep the number of slides to a maximum of 40-50 per session. For sessions that are 2-3 hours long, please keep the number of slides to 80-100 per session. NOTE: Adding more slides as “background material” that will not be discussed during the session rarely appeals to attendees.
  • Please avoid specific references to any consultant, vendor, or agency and/or their products, services, or beliefs. All slides must be educational in focus.
  • If a “branded” template is to be used, please ensure that ALL organizations are represented in the branding; i.e. do not include only vendor/consultant logos on a presentation that also includes a speaker/speakers from a provider organization.
  • For hospitals, health systems, or other provider organizations, one slide should be sufficient to describe organizational background, such as system/hospital size, location, etc.
  • Extensive background information on industry trends that attendees are already familiar with should be avoided.


Thank you for helping us to make the Summit a success!

If you have any questions, please contact Krista Attreau at 312.440.9080, x22

Email Krista