2020 Summit Keynotes

Creating Communication Magic

Vinh Giang

Sunday, April 5 | 4:00–5:15p
Sponsored by Healthgrades

There is very real magic in the powerful ability to communicate at extraordinary levels. It allows people to shift mindsets. To build relationship bridges. To overcome objections. To connect in ways that foster leadership, teamwork, and exponential growth. Through the power of magic and storytelling, Vinh Giang captivates audiences with the tools, skills, and strategies that allow them to transform themselves into dynamic communicators. Join Vinh to learn how to rise above the noise of the crowd and stand out as a master communicator in your business and your life. Get ready for a magical communication transformation that will take you–and your organization–to entirely new levels!

Does Your Customer Experience Create Conversation?

Jay Baer

Monday, April 6 | 8:00–9:15a
Sponsored by Healthgrades

The best way to grow ANY business is for your customers to grow it for you. But that only occurs if you deliver a customer experience that creates conversations. In this hilarious and interactive keynote filled with examples and research, Jay Baer, a 7th generation entrepreneur and the author of six bestselling books, shows how to create a unique story that will turn your customers—including patients, families, employees, and physicians—into your most effective marketing advantage. Jay is the President of Convince & Convert and a recent inductee into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame. He’s sure to have you thinking in new ways about the intersection of customer experience, marketing, and operations!

Healthcare Consumerism: A Conversation with

Paul Keckley and Kaveh Safavi

Monday, April 6 | 12:45 – 1:30p
Sponsored by Monigle

With more options for care, and greater willingness to exercise choice, consumers are driving a shift in healthcare to a B2C model. Which segments are most susceptible? And what factors, including benefits design, prices, and more, influence consumers’ decisions? Join Paul Keckley, one of the nation’s leading healthcare research and policy experts, and Kaveh Safavi, senior managing director of global healthcare at Accenture and respected technology and trends expert, for a special lunchtime conversation on the current state of healthcare consumerism and what lies ahead. Justin Wartell, Managing Principal at Monigle, will moderate.

Meet the Engaged Consumer

Amber Mac

Tuesday, April 7 | 8–9:15a
Sponsored by SymphonyRM

Advances in digital technology and the growth of social and retail platforms have dramatically changed the way consumers think, buy, engage, and connect. What does it mean for healthcare, as well as your organization? Join Amber Mac to learn how to rethink your  communication and marketing strategy to reach today’s increasingly engaged and connected consumers. Amber is a writer, podcaster,  entrepreneur, and digital maverick whose understanding of disruptive technologies helps companies anticipate lightning-quick changes. From artificial intelligence, to social media, to Amazon-era retail, Amber will share how new tools can give you a winning edge in the connected economy!

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