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Steve Keller

Audio Alchemist, Sonic Strategy Director


Steve Keller is Sonic Strategy Director for Pandora, the largest streaming music platform in the US. Prior to joining Pandora, Steve was the founder and CEO of iV, an audio consultancy based in Nashville that specialized in the strategy, content, research and management necessary for successful audio branding initiatives.

Steve is recognized as one of the foremost experts in the field of audio branding, actively engaged in projects that explore the power of sound to shape perceptions and influence behavior. Recent experiments include an examination of the relationship between sound and taste (conducted with Oxford’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory), an exploration into the existence of audio archetypes (conducted with Goldsmiths University London) and demonstrating the effects of source bias on evaluations of music aesthetics and worth (conducted with Technische Universität Berlin). Steve is also a part of the think tank serving Chef Jozef Youssef’s London based Kitchen Theory, lending his sonic expertise to the development of gastrophysics experiences for brands and consumers alike.