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Thursday, September 20, 11:30am - 12:30pm CDT

Could Your Website Be Replaced by AI?

Benefit from one of the best attended and evaluated sessions at the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit!

Piedmont Healthcare has taken its AI-driven approach to digital patient experience a step further with unique new use-cases and even a full-page takeover. In this webinar, Matt Gove, Chief Consumer Officer for Piedmont, and Brian Gresh, President of Loyal, shared how and why Piedmont shifted its website strategy to focus on guiding patients through their online journey via emerging technology. Order the recording to learn how chatbots and other smart solutions can increase website conversions, create operational efficiencies, and provide a delightful patient experience.

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Improving Loyalty Through Personalized Experiences

July 25, 2018

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Consumers today expect personalization in every aspect of their lives – and healthcare is no exception. That’s how you create loyalty. For health systems, that means delivering superior service and engaging patients at a personalized level. Creating that experience requires distinct platforms living in a unified state, including advanced marketing automation that incorporates healthcare CRM (HCRM).

As in most industries, the healthcare consumer experience begins long before customers walk through the door. In this webinar, John Marzano, Vice President, Marketing & Public Affairs, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and Gary Druckenmiller, Vice President, Customer Success, Evariant, detailed the shift that must be made to engage potential patients from the first lead inquiry through their journey to treatment and the post-care relationship.

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Humanizing Brand Experience: How Johns Hopkins Health System Builds Meaningful Connections

June 21, 2018

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What do consumers want from healthcare experiences? And how do their “wants” align with what healthcare brands are delivering?

A comprehensive new study on “Humanizing Brand Experience” uncovers just that. Drawing on research from more than 3,400 consumers, the study ranks 43 brands across 12 U.S. markets, identifying strengths, weaknesses, what matters, and what doesn’t. As rapid change and rising costs drive consumers to seek more control than ever before, healthcare leaders must follow the lead of Johns Hopkins Health System—the #1 brand in the study—and understand the consumer mindset as well as how to be authentic and engage people at a deeper level.

In this webinar, with Dalal Haldeman and Justin Wartell, you’ll hear highlights and implications of the study, as well as best practices Johns Hopkins and other brands use to deliver a top-ranked engagement experience with value and measurable results.


Innovating the Digital Healthcare Consumer Experience

Thursday, November 16, 2017

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Digital tools and technologies are transforming the experience for consumers across industries—and healthcare is no exception. Are your organization’s digital initiatives meeting consumers’ expectations? In this  webinar, Shweta Ponnappa, Vice President, Digital Marketing, Providence St. Joseph Health, and Aaron Clifford, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Binary Fountain, shared strategies for doing just that. Hear:

  • How Providence is innovating the digital consumer experience for the 3 million patients it serves annually.
  • The digital healthcare trends marketers need to plan for and act on to stay ahead of the consumer curve.
  • What would Amazon do? Hear lessons for adapting the e-commerce model for finding and booking physician appointments.
  • Providence’s approach to scaling the consumer experience to increase patient acquisition and retention.

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Crafting a Leading Brand Architecture Strategy

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Health system brand architectures often turn into a tangled collection of names, logos, and co-brands over time. Not only does the brand become complex and expensive to manage, consumers find it difficult to understand and navigate the organization’s services and offerings. Learn how to move from complexity to clarity and create a cohesive brand architecture for your organization. Hear from Elizabeth Kistner, Executive Director, Brand Strategy & Consumer Research, Mercy; Kim Vecchio, Director of Brand, UCHealth; and Gunnar Jacobs, Executive Director, Monigle, about brand architecture’s most critical challenges — such as partnerships, affiliations, physician practices, children’s services, donor naming, and service lines — and get advice to help you:

• Understand the elements of a hard-working, cohesive brand architecture
• Navigate turbulent waters internally and externally
• Elevate brand architecture to align and optimize with business strategy

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Marketing’s Revenue Contribution: Proving the Value of Marketing Efforts to the C-Suite

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Healthcare marketers are being held to new levels of accountability in this data-driven and patient-empowered era. As health systems increasingly rely on the marketing department to attract and retain new patients, the C-suite expects marketing to prove the value and return of their spend — from brand awareness to an impact on the bottom line.

In this webinar, Dan Lavelle, Administrator, Marketing, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and Gary Druckenmiller, Vice President, Marketing Practice Lead, Evariant, discussed how to develop and measure the success of marketing programs in more than just likes, shares, click-throughs, and site visits. The webinar featured proven approaches to measurement and examples of actual reports and data that can be shown to the C-suite audience to convey the value of marketing efforts and prove a return on investment.

Reputation Management: From the Marketing Department to the C-Suite

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
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Online reputation management is about more than managing the organization’s brand or increasing SEO, it also can have a crucial impact on patient experience. Healthcare marketing executives are now sharing online patient feedback with chief medical officers, chief nursing officers, and other clinical leaders, using it as a source of patient experience intelligence and an agent for operational change. In this webinar, marketing executives from Carilion Clinic, AMSURG, and Privia Health share their experiences and advice on using reputation management to drive patient experience improvements.  Learn how Mike Dame, Richard Palumbo, and Kate Slonaker are engaging stakeholders in reputation management and elevating marketing’s visibility in impacting the patient experience.



Radical Convenience: The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Wednesday, September 28, 2016
11:30AM – 12:30PM (CDT)

For health systems today, accelerating growth begins with radical convenience: anytime/anywhere access to quality care. In this webinar, you’ll hear from two systems — Henry Ford Health System in Detroit and MultiCare Health System in Tacoma, WA — that are providing patients with convenient and affordable access to primary care in ways that go beyond those traditionally offered by healthcare providers. Learn how these organizations are using retail clinics, telehealth, and other innovative strategies to deliver more efficient, effective, and convenient care. Featuring Christi McCarren, SVP, Retail Health and Community-Based Care, MultiCare Health System; Ara Telbelian, Director of Marketing & Brand Management, Henry Ford Health System; and Moderator Kim Athmann King, Founder & President, Strategy Advantage.


Revitalizing Physician Relations: Hitting Your Stride with Referral Growth

Thursday, July 28, 2016
11:30AM – 12:30PM (CDT)

Odds are you already understand the importance of physician relations, and your day-to-day operations are rolling along. But are your referral gains all they could be? Is your department optimally positioned for growth in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape? In this webinar, sponsored by Marketware, you’ll hear strategies for revitalizing your physician relations function. Marcy Traxler, VP of Business Development for AMITA Health; Susan Boydell, Partner with Barlow/McCarthy; and Moderator Krystal Guerra, VP of Marketing for Marketware, share tips and strategies for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your referral program; reconfiguring your program for growth; mastering the challenges of new affiliations; and tracking ROI.


Three Ps to Increasing Digital Marketing Conversions

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
11:30AM – 12:30PM (CDT)

No matter the method of engagement–web, mobile, email, social, chat, or text–digital marketing strategies should optimize targeting effectiveness while maximizing patient experience. In this webinar, sponsored by Socius Marketing, you’ll hear how Tampa General Hospital leveraged proven consumer marketing principles coupled with emerging technology methods to launch a breakthrough customer engagement solution. Join Rich Phillips, Chief Technology Officer, Tampa General Hospital; Chris Behan, President, Socius Marketing; and Moderator Karen Corrigan, CEO, Corrigan Partners and learn how to implement the three Ps of digital engagement — Patient-centric, Personalized, and Prompt.


Facebook for Accountable Care Marketing

Thursday, October 22, 2015
11:30AM – 12:30PM (CDT)

Most healthcare marketers understand that social media is a valuable channel for marketing. What they may not realize is that it can also be a valuable tool for changing behaviors and managing patient health. In this webinar, Matt Gove, Chief Consumer Officer, Piedmont Healthcare; Rachel Elam, Market Development Lead, Facebook; Michael Sengbusch, SVP, Product Development, Influence Health; and Moderator Karen Corrigan, CEO, Corrigan Partners examine strategies and case studies that leverage the latest Facebook marketing techniques to not only drive business objectives but also help manage population health.


Going Mobile: Meeting Audiences Where They Are

Thursday, October 1, 2015
11:30AM – 12:30PM (CDT)

In today’s world, your audiences, both internal and external, increasingly want to be reached on their mobile devices. In this webinar, you’ll hear from two healthcare organizations that get more than 55 percent of their website traffic from mobile devices. Featuring Edward Bennett, Director, Web & Digital Services, University of Maryland Medical Center; Neal Linkon, Director, Digital Engagement, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin; and Moderator Daniel Fell, President & CEO, Neathawk Dubuque & Packett, the webinar explores how these organizations are improving reach and engagement through mobile apps and strategies.


What Americans Have to Say About Healthcare

Thursday, January 22, 2015
11:30AM – 12:30PM (CST)

In this webinar, you’ll hear findings from Klein & Partners consumer research on a variety of healthcare topics, as well as expert insights on what those findings mean for your marketing strategy. Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners; William (Bill) R. Gombeski, Jr., Director of Strategic Marketing, UK HealthCare; and Karen Corrigan, CEO, Corrigan Partners examine key consumer perspectives on the online experience, retail clinics, health and wellness information, and more– as well as the implications for healthcare marketers.