Past Conferences

2018 Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit
Session Recordings

Monday, April 30

8:30a - 12:30p

LISTEN: Reimagining Marketing in a Technology-Driven World

Pre-Summit Strategy Session I

James Blazar, Suzanne Sawyer, Paul Szablowski, Karen Corrigan

LISTEN: Branding on the Edge

Pre-Summit Strategy Session II

Mara Lord, Manny Rodriguez, Joseph Moscola, Ramon, Soto Justin Wartell

LISTEN: Build Your Skills: Getting Your Content Ready for Voice Activated Search

Pre-Summit Strategy Session III

Stephanie Ayars, Nathan David, Emily Kagan Trenchard, Ahava Leibtag

LISTEN: Deep Dive Into Leakage Strategies

Pre-Summit Strategy Session IV

Tricia Anderson, Alina Joseph, Susan Boydell

12:30 - 1:45p

LISTEN: Marketing’s Role in Behavior Change

Strategic Marketing

Katie Mardigian, Heather Valentine, Susan Dubuque

LISTEN: Marketing and Communication for Successful Mergers

Communication & Engagement

Karina Jennings, Kevin DiCola, Mary Letters, Marilyn Wilker

LISTEN: Aligning Digital Strategy with Technology Tools

Analytics, Data & CRM

Anaye Milligan, Carl Agers

LISTEN: The Science of Audience Journey Mapping

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Jeff Frank, Shawn Gross

LISTEN: Quantifying the Value of Physician Relations

Physician Relations & Sales

Carol Hemker, Lori McLelland

LISTEN: Engaging Physicians in Transformational Philanthropy

Physician Strategies

Bruce Bartoo, Chad Gobel

2:30 - 3:45p

LISTEN: Customer Lifetime Value: On the Verge of Reality

Strategic Marketing

Preston Gee, Rose Glenn, Joel English

LISTEN: Beyond Your Intranet and News Stories: A New Era of Employee Engagement

Communication & Engagement

Terri McNorton, Benjamin Texter

LISTEN: Crisis Response: Are Your Digital Channels Ready?

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Scott Kerbs, Crista Latham, Dan Dunlop

LISTEN: From Onboarding to Retention: Fostering Physician Loyalty

Physician Relations & Sales

Nicole M. Buikema, Elizabeth Kiker

LISTEN: Reducing Referral Leakage with Analytics

Physician Strategies

Robert Perkins, Andrew Efron

Tuesday, May 1

8:00 - 9:15a

LISTEN: Be the Brand. Live the Brand. Why Stories are Your Most Powerful Brand Building Tool

Ron Tite

10:15 - 11:15a

LISTEN: Building a National Thought Leadership Position Through Brand

Strategic Marketing

Suzanne Hendery, Tony Slonim

LISTEN: A Focused Approach to Patient Acquisition

Communication & Engagement

Selima Khan, Bradley Wensel

LISTEN: The Perfect Consumer Experience

Analytics, Data & CRM

John Marzano, Gary Druckenmiller

LISTEN: Digital Tools for Physician/ Patient Engagement

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Ara Telbelian, Dan Cobb

LISTEN: Results-Driven Sales Planning

Physician Relations & Sales

Rachel Donovan, Mitzi G. Kent

LISTEN: Tying Brand to Physician Compensation: A Winning Strategy!

Physician Strategies

J. Travis Dowell, Michael Eaton

11:30a - 12:30p

LISTEN: Mastering Analytics and Content: Different Journeys

Analytics, Data & CRM

David Perry, Suzanne Sawyer

LISTEN: Could Your Website be Replaced by AI?

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Matt Gove, Brian Gresh

LISTEN: Strategies for Field Success

Physician Relations & Sales

Jessica MacLean, Susan Boydell

LISTEN: Communication Strategies for Provider Engagement

Physician Strategies

Kathy Dean, Kim Fox

2:15 - 3:15p

LISTEN: Value of Urgency in Urgent Care

Strategic Marketing

Shaun Ginter, Linda MacCracken

LISTEN: Reputation Matters – and OFFLINE Reaches the Influencers

Communication & Engagement

Amy Davis, Sue Jablonski, Kathleen L. Lewton

LISTEN: Turn Your Scorecard Into Your Golden Ticket

Analytics, Data & CRM

Daniel Lavelle

Digital Path to Treatment: Lessons for Marketing and Patient Acquisition (Recording/slides not available.)

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Kevin Lao

LISTEN: Winning the Right Business with Market Analytics

Physician Relations & Sales

Brian Borchardt, Anamika Desai

LISTEN: A Team Approach to Referral Partnerships

Physician Strategies

Carey Ehlert, Nancy Vanselow

4:00 - 5:00p

LISTEN: Marketing That Lasts: Let’s Talk

Strategic Marketing

Patricia L. Cluff, David A. Feinberg, Lisa McCluskey, Rob Rosenberg

LISTEN: Partnering for a Cause

Communication & Engagement

James Blazar, Amy Comeau, Jeff Sofka

LISTEN: Developing an RFP for a CRM System

Analytics, Data & CRM

Jerry Griffin, Jean Hitchcock, Rich Phillips

LISTEN: How to Get Your Content to Appear in Google Snippets

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Julie Travia, Emily Broderick

LISTEN: Accelerating Physician Productivity

Physician Relations & Sales

Carol Koenecke-Grant, Tim Coughlin

LISTEN: Engagement-Driven Reputation Management

Physician Strategies

Elizabeth Davis, Aaron Clifford

Wednesday, May 2

8:00 - 9:15a

Marketing to People Not Like You: The New Market Segmentation

Kelly McDonald

9:30 - 10:30a

LISTEN: Benchmarking Your Marketing and Communications Efforts

Strategic Marketing

Peter Miller, John McKeever

LISTEN: Creating Customers for Life: Healthcare Access Edition

Communication & Engagement

Megan Pruce, Erinne Dyer

LISTEN: Defining Healthcare Value

Analytics, Data & CRM

Amy Albo, Robert Pendleton

LISTEN: A Continuum for Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Keith Fontaine, Stephanie Petrucci, Matt Schwabel

10:45 - 11:45a

LISTEN: Digital Strategies for Complex Health Systems

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Marna Holley, Lindsey Meyers, Ben Dillon

LISTEN: Show Me More Primary Care Patients

Physician Relations & Sales

Judith Ward, Caty Jennerjohn Wolf, Tamara Cauton

12:00 - 2:00p

LISTEN: Transforming Market Research: Building a Consumer Insights Capability

Special Workshop Session

Nadine Bendycki, Darrell Beneker, Terri Goren, Rob Klein

LISTEN: Podcasting: Highlight Your Expertise and Engage Your Audience

Special Workshop Session

Scot Singpiel, Chris Boyer, Reed Smith

LISTEN: Physician Relations: Present and Future Elements of Success

Special Workshop Session

Katie Alexander, Denise Rooney, Kriss Barlow