2018 Healthcare Marketing Physician Strategies Summit

2018 Speakers

2018 Keynote Speakers

The 23rd Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit featured three nationally-renowned keynote speakers and over 100 concurrent session speakers.

The Internet to the Inner-Net: How to Reset Your Connection & Live a Conscious Life

Gopi Kallayil

Sponsored by Healthgrades

Monday, April 30 | 4:00–5:15p

The Internet has become humanity’s invisible central nervous system, connecting us at the speed of thought. Yet the most important technology is still the one within us: our brain, body, and consciousness. Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing at Google, shared how integrating our inner and outer technologies can help us better engage with others while also improving our internal wellbeing. Attendees were treated to videos and stories celebrating the human spirit, the power of emotional connections, and the concept of social innovation for social good.

Be the Brand. Live the Brand. Why Stories are Your Most Powerful Brand Building Tool

Ron Tite

Sponsored by Evariant

Tuesday, May 1 | 8:00–9:15a

With so much information readily available to consumers, organizations are challenged as never before to capture people’s attention and engage audiences in a way that is unique to their brand. And the best way to do that, says Ron Tite, is through compelling stories – stories that showcase real people living and experiencing the brand, internally and externally. Ron is a marketing, branding, and creativity expert who speaks with organizations worldwide about “The Expression Economy.” With humor and insight, Ron showed how to collect, curate, and share powerful stories that define and reinforce the brand.

Marketing to People Not Like You: The New Market Segmentation

Kelly McDonald

Sponsored by Chatmeter

Wednesday, May 2 | 8:00–9:15a

Today, diversity marketing—whether based on gender, race, age, life stage, language preference, sexuality, or special interests—is the new norm. By recognizing these differences and tailoring your services, message, or marketing efforts to reflect consumers’ uniqueness, you are validating the importance of a consumer group. Consumer trends expert and bestselling author Kelly McDonald  helped attendees explore the hottest new market segments, how they’re shaping culture, and how to tap into key emotional drivers to reach them effectively.

2018 Concurrent Session Speakers

The Summit agenda also featured more than 100 concurrent session speakers from leading healthcare organizations!

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