Patient Acquisition Marketing: Solving for the Most Common Challenges

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 | 11:30am - 12:30pm Central Time

Countless tools and strategies are available for building successful patient acquisition programs, yet healthcare marketers repeatedly encounter the same challenges. Time and time again, organizational executives have differing requests. At the same time, marketers are often unable to gain access to the data they need. In the end, C-Suite executives too often ask the question, How do you know these patients wouldn’t have come to us anyway?

In this webinar, experts from Adventist Health and BPD will address these challenges head-on and will provide actionable insights, case studies, and practical tips to help you navigate the everyday challenges of building a successful, provable patient acquisition program. You’ll learn:

● Tips for balancing conflicting asks from service line leaders
● Ways to gain access to the data you need even when IT says no
● Where to begin to effectively segment your audiences
● Strategies for building an ROI model your C-Suite can get behind

This is a “must attend” webinar for healthcare marketing, strategy, and digital health executives who want to elevate their patient acquisition strategies.