Tuesday, May 1, 2018

8:00 - 9:15a

Be the Brand. Live the Brand. Why Stories are Your Most Powerful Brand Building Tool

With so much information readily available to consumers, organizations are challenged as never before to capture people’s attention and engage audiences in a way that is unique to their brand. And the best way to do that, says Ron Tite, is through compelling stories – stories that showcase real people living and experiencing the brand, internally and externally. With humor and insight, Ron shows us how to collect, curate, and share powerful stories that define and reinforce the brand.

Ron Tite, Founder & CEO, The Tite Group; Marketing, Branding & Creativity Expert


10:15 - 11:15a

strategic marketing

Building a National Thought Leadership Position Through Brand

When it comes to new patient acquisitions and referrals, a strong reputation matters. Renown Health developed an integrated, multichannel content marketing program to raise awareness and esteem for its brand on a national and regional level. Hear how having the support and involvement of Renown’s President and CEO, Dr. Tony Slonim, gave the efforts steam!

Suzanne Hendery, Chief Marketing Officer & Vice President and

Tony Slonim, MD, President and CEO, Renown Health (Reno, NV)


customer communication & engagement

A Focused Approach to Patient Acquisition

By taking a highly focused and informed approach to digital patient acquisition, Memorial Healthcare System gained 1,500 new patients in just 16 months–and earned back $13 per dollar invested! Learn how to understand and interpret the behavior of consumers searching online for physicians, apply that knowledge to marketing efforts, and track results beyond clicks and calls.

Selima Khan, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Memorial Healthcare System (Hollywood, FL)

Bradley Wensel, Senior Vice President, Healthgrades

analytics, data & crm

The Perfect Consumer Experience

Executing a consumer engagement strategy, in the most cost effective manner possible and across all touch-points and channels, requires a myriad of distinct platforms living in a unified state. Examine a real-life case where EMR, CRM, CMS, Engagement Center, and Marketing Automation platforms all speak the same language, enabling hyper-targeted segmentation and improved personalized outreach. Take home tools to apply to your own journey.

John Marzano, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Allentown, PA)

Gary Druckenmiller, Vice President, Marketing Practice Lead, Evariant

interactive & digital strategies

Digital Tools for Physician and Patient Engagement

Smartphone apps, augmented reality, video, and other technologies are key to growing referrals and managing patient expectations. Hear how organizations are using new tools to enhance physician communication; streamline referral processes; help patients and their families navigate large, complex campuses; and more. Examine results.

Todd Suntrapak, President & CEO, Valley Children’s Healthcare (Madera, CA)

Ara Telbelian, Director of Marketing & Brand Management, Henry Ford Health System (Detroit, MI)

Dan Cobb, CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Brian Advertising

physician relations & sales

Results-Driven Sales Planning

An effective sales plan is guided by data, but informed by field knowledge. A good plan will frame the market opportunity and define actions in the field. Examine sales planning approaches that will help you understand the right targets and the right actions. Learn how to build a tactical plan that focuses resources where they generate the greatest ROI.

Rachel Donovan, Senior Director, Referral Development, Penn Medicine (Philadelphia, PA)

Mitzi G. Kent, RN, BSN, Vice President, Strategic Growth & Provider Recruitment/Relations, LifePoint Health (Brentwood, TN)

physician communication & strategies

Tying Brand to Physician Compensation: A Winning Strategy!

Transitioning to a physician compensation model that shifts a significant portion of income to non-productivity based performance can be a challenge. Hear how Memorial Physician Services succeeded by educating physicians on how their contributions to brand go beyond clinical quality and throughput. Examine results at the 4-year mark, as well as lessons learned for marketing MPS to recruits, patients, and payers.

J. Travis Dowell, President, Memorial Physician Services (Springfield, IL)

Michael Eaton, Senior Vice President, Brand+Lever

11:30a - 12:30p

strategic marketing

Reimagining Healthcare Advertising Through Partnerships and Digital

By partnering with media outlets such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and ESPN radio, Cleveland Clinic is delivering highly engaging and creative native content using the latest digital technologies. Examine their use of 360 video; interactive timelines; and fully integrated programs utilizing social, content, and earned media.

Paul Matsen, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and

Mary Beth Pate, Executive Director, Marketing and Philanthropy Communications, Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)

customer communication & engagement

Using Data, Analytics, and Technology to Build Digital Media Budgets

Spreading digital media spend evenly across a geography is inefficient. Learn how to leverage data, analytics, and technology to identify neighborhoods and zip codes with the highest propensity for commercial insurance. Hear how to use the data for a more targeted and efficient media spend, resulting in a lower cost per lead and higher return on investment.

Andy Hobbs, Director, Digital Access & Engagement, LifePoint Health (Brentwood, TN)

Jeff Snyder, Vice President, Client Operations, Trilliant Health

analytics, data & crm

Mastering Analytics and Content: Different Journeys

Continued healthcare marketing success will require mastery of two key skill sets: content and analytics. Hear from two organizations that have taken different approaches to revamping their marketing departments: one that started with content and is now moving to analytics and one that started with analytics and is moving to content. Hear how they are learning from each other.

David Perry, Chief Marketing Officer, University of Utah Health (Salt Lake City, UT)

Suzanne Sawyer, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Penn Medicine (Philadelphia, PA)

interactive & digital strategies

Could Your Website be Replaced by AI?

Piedmont Healthcare has taken its AI-driven approach to digital patient experience a step further with unique new use cases, scheduling integration, and even a full-page takeover. Hear how and why Piedmont shifted its website strategy to focus on guiding patients through their online journey via emerging technology. Learn how smart solutions like AI can increase website conversions, create operational efficiencies, and provide a delightful patient experience.

Matt Gove, Chief Consumer Officer, Piedmont Healthcare (Atlanta, GA)

Brian Gresh, President, Loyal

physician relations & sales

Strategies for Field Success

What does it take for liaisons to stay strong in the field? Hear techniques and innovations for success, including how to get through the door, prove your value add, and gain internal traction. Learn how to assess and address program vulnerabilities.

Jessica MacLean, Manager, Business Growth, Texas Health Resources (Arlington, TX)

Susan Boydell, Partner, Barlow/McCarthy

physician communication & strategies

Communication Strategies for Provider Engagement

University of Iowa Health Care built an internal communication structure to reach providers, arguably its most important audience. Hear how medical staff leaders worked together with Communications to develop effective channels – and content – that are convenient and timely to internal physician and provider audiences.

Kathy Dean, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, University of Iowa Health Care (Iowa City, IA)

Kim Fox, Partner, Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock

12:30 - 2:00p

Networking Discussion Luncheon

Join your colleagues for lunch and informal discussion on topics of mutual interest. Tables will be organized topically.

2:15 - 3:15p

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Value of Urgency in Urgent Care

With younger adults relying less on primary care physicians, urgent care is a crucial capture point for health systems. Hear how health systems are boosting awareness and volume via urgent care partnerships. Examine tactics, as well as new consumer research confirming the value of urgent care as a way to capture customers.

Shaun Ginter, President & CEO, Urgent Care Centers of New England/CareWell Urgent Care (Boston, MA)

Linda MacCracken, Senior Principal, Accenture

customer communication & engagement

Reputation Matters — and OFFLINE Reaches the Influencers

In a mass audience-driven world, the role of “influencers”—who shape public opinion—is critical. Learn how to expand national mindshare via brand journalism and meetings with leaders outside healthcare. Hear how to impact local market share with personal briefings and “pen pals” for community influencers who shape consumer decisions.

Amy Davis, Division Chair, Communications, Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN)

Sue Jablonski, SVP & Chief Communications Officer, OhioHealth (Columbus, OH)

Kathleen L. Lewton, Principal, Lewton, Seekins & Trester & Of Counsel, Padilla

analytics, data & crm

Turn Your Scorecard Into Your Golden Ticket

What do you want most? A bigger team? A bigger budget? Whatever your answer, the fastest way to get it is to demonstrate how your work creates value. That means translating your complicated analytics data into a clear and compelling story that engages and excites people across your organization. Learn how to focus on the right KPIs, as well as how to craft scorecards for different audiences.

Daniel Lavelle, Administrator, Marketing, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Allentown, PA)

interactive & digital strategies

Digital Path to Treatment: Lessons for Marketing and Patient Acquisition

Did you know that 1 in 20 Google searches are health related? Examine the most recent trends within healthcare, and learn how to harness the power of mobile and video in your marketing and patient acquisition strategies for 2018 and beyond.

Kevin Lao, Partner Enablement Manager, North America, Google Marketing Solutions

physician relations & sales

Winning the Right Business with Market Analytics

Healthcare providers are challenged to not only identify and cultivate relationships with physicians and medical groups, but also align these activities with strategic market initiatives. Learn how “big data” and “analytics” can be used to inform and drive business development, physician outreach, and growth.

Brian Borchardt, Director of Physician Relations, Baylor Scott & White Health (Temple, TX)

Anamika Desai, Director, Physician Relations, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (New Brunswick, NJ)

physician communication & strategies

Create Lasting Referral Partnerships: A Team Approach

When primary and specialty care providers work together as a team, patients benefit! Learn how to establish solid referral systems and strong partnerships by understanding what’s causing anxiety or concern for referring providers and patients. Examine an accountability structure that improves satisfaction and referrals.

Carey Ehlert, MD, Director of Provider Engagement, Associate Professor of Neonatology, Children’s Specialty Group/Medical College of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

Nancy Vanselow, Referral Development Manager, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

4:00 - 5:00p

strategic marketing

Marketing That Lasts: Let's Talk

The ability of marketers to sustain long term positioning and drive lasting value for the organization is huge! Hear from long-term CMOs about what it takes to drive growth, whether defined as volume or experience, and prove value to the C-suite. Examine successes, misses, and what lies ahead.

Patricia L. Cluff, Chief Strategic Relations & Marketing Officer, University of Virginia Health System (Charlottesville, VA)

David A. Feinberg, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston, MA)

Lisa McCluskey, Vice President, Marketing Communications, CHI Memorial Health (Chattanooga, TN)

Rob Rosenberg (Facilitator), President, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

customer communication & engagement

Partnering for a Cause

Health systems are tapping into cause marketing to infuse energy into traditional fundraising. Hear from organizations that are partnering with sports teams, celebrities, or for profits to raise money and awareness for a cause, while uniting the community and showcasing services. Learn how to identify partners, crystalize a vision and strategy, and inspire participation.

James Blazar, Chief Strategy Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health (Hackensack, NJ)

Amy Comeau, Vice President, Marketing, Emory Healthcare (Decatur, GA)

Jeff Sofka, CEO, Bendigo Sports

analytics, data & crm

Developing an RFP for a CRM System

Whether you’re just getting started with CRM, or pushing the restart button after a challenging first run, landing the right platform and partner is a must. And, it all starts with the RFP! Learn how to execute a successful RFP process, including assessing your goals, what’s required to accomplish them, and the important questions to ask.

 Jerry Griffin, Director of Web & Digital Services, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (Hershey, PA)

Jean Hitchcock, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Stamford Health (Stamford, CT) President, Hitchcock Marketing & Communications

Rich Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, Customer Evolution

interactive & digital strategies

How to Get Your Content to Appear in Google Snippets

Writing quality content will increase the quality of your traffic, as well as customer engagement. But, there is another added benefit … you can secure the most valuable piece of SERP real estate: Google’s featured snippet. Learn how Aurora Health Care created SEO-optimized content that quickly earned this top spot, boosting audience engagement by 65%!

Julie Travia, Digital Experience Content Manager, Aurora Health Care (Milwaukee, WI)

Emily Broderick, Director of Content Development, Aha Media Group

physician relations & sales

Accelerating Physician Productivity

Achieving profitability and continued growth from physician hires comes from establishing a sustainable process with measurable objectives. Examine successful models for ramping up performance quickly to achieve financial goals and develop a balanced case mix. Hear results and lessons learned.

Carol Koenecke-Grant, Vice President, Strategic Services, Valley Health (Winchester, VA)

Tim Coughlin, Partner, SystemCare Health

physician communication & strategies

Engagement-Driven Reputation Management

Managing your organization’s and physicians’ reputations is challenging enough. But, how do you do it when you have multiple hospitals and clinics and thousands of providers and reviews a year? Learn how to create a scalable, engagement-driven reputation management program that significantly increases positive online reviews.

Elizabeth Davis, Manager of Online Reputation, HCA Healthcare (Nashville, TN)

Aaron Clifford, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Binary Fountain

5:00 - 6:45p

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