Past Conferences

2021 Summit Agenda

The 2021 Summit featured more than 50 content-rich sessions. To learn more, download a PDF of the  HMPS 21 Agenda, or view session descriptions and speakers below.

Wednesday, October 6

9:00 - 11:30a - Pre Summit Strategy Sessions

Develop Effective Healthcare Marketing Plans

Cristal Herrera Woodley, David Marlowe

Fast Track to Volume

Ann De Los Santos, Jennifer Lofgren, Susan Boydell

12:00 - 1:00p

Make Your Content Work Harder for You … Not the Other Way Around

Communication Strategies

Nancy Vanselow, Shannon Cummins

Keep Patients Engaged: Become a Trusted Source of Information

Transform Consumer Experience

Sue Omori, Tom Hileman

Address Staff Burnout

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Sharon Kiely, MD, MPM, FACP, Emilie Ansel

Onboarding Aligns with Physician Relations for Success

Physician Relations & Sales

Deidre Weber, Mitzi Kent

Reassess Advertising Media for Engagement (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Engagement Strategies

Jennifer Jee, Lee Ann Longinotti

1:15 - 2:15p

Healthcare Communication Structure, Strategy & Culture: Forever Changed

Communication Strategies

Christine Albert, Rose Glenn, Michael Knecht

Women in Healthcare: Leadership & Mentoring

Transform Consumer Experience

Kevin Fickenscher MD, Anne McCune

The Value of Field Intelligence in Physician Relations

Physician Relations & Sales

Veronica Campbell, Laurel Hopkins

AI's Impact on Influencing & Engaging Patients (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Engagement Strategies

Ryan Younger, Chris Hemphill

3:00 - 4:00p

Vaccine Communications: What's on Your Mind?

Communication Strategies

Mary Briggs, Michael Knecht, Lisa Worley, Susan Alcorn

Price Transparency: Boon or Bust for Providers

Transform Consumer Experience

Judit Tejada, Ryan Donohue, Michael Eaton

The State of Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Ben Dillon

Keep Physician Relations Staff Motivated, Focused & Aligned

Physician Relations & Sales

Brad Jones, Kelly McBreen

Integrate Digital & Marketing Automation to Grow Service Line Utilization (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Engagement Strategies

Cathie Cannon, Cheryl Hodgson, Jeff Steblea

4:15 - 5:15p

Work, Workforce & Workplace: The Future is NOW! (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Keynote Session sponsored by Persado

Kaveh T. Safavi, MD, JD

Thursday, October 7

8:00 - 9:15a

Communicate with Extreme Clarity & Impact in Today's Hybrid World

Keynote Session sponsored by Actium Health

Debra Jasper

10:00 - 11:00a

Strategies to Drive Market Growth & Success

Strategic Marketing

Robin Wyatt, Steven Gelineau, Linda MacCracken

Modernize Patient Communication & Feedback (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Communications Strategies

Rachael Jones, Bryan Oram

A Fanatically Consistent Healthcare Customer Experience

Transform Consumer Experience

Craig Kartchner, Kristin Baird

Keeping Up with Digital Healthcare Consumers (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Fredrick Anderson, Brian Gresh

Internal Positioning to Strengthen Field Impact (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Physician Relations & Sales

Paula Murphy, Jackie Kleppe, Paola Pescara

11:15a - 12:15p

Amp Up the Power in Your Internal Communications

Strategic Marketing

Crystal Hardinger, Kerting Baldwin, Selima Khan, Kathy Dean

The New Brand Imperatives: What's Ahead?

Transform Consumer Experience

David Perry, Gabriel Cohen

Reinventing a Website: Focus on the Consumer (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Bhavna Patel, Bryce Cannon

Referring Physician Surveys Can Strengthen Strategies & Relationships (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Physician Relations & Sales

Deb Pappas, Kriss Barlow, Rob Klein

Courage in the Time of COVID

Engagement Strategies

Melissa R. Carrillo, Marc Mertz

12:15 - 1:45p

Make the Case for Investing in Marketing & Communications (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Luncheon & Panel Discussion sponsored by Populi

Jeremiah J. Hodshire, Rachel J. Lott, Suzanne Hendery, Tony Slonim, Ahava Leibtag

2:00 - 3:00p

Fracture Events: Implications on Brand

Strategic Marketing

Emily Stott, Cristal Herrera Woodley, Joel English

Latest Trends in MarTech: Let's Talk (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Communication Strategies

Stuart Dill, Paul Matsen, Nikki Moll, Tom Hileman

User-Centered Planning & Design: Capturing Heads, Hearts & Hands

Transform Consumer Experience

Sue Jablonski, Venessa Heilman

A Pragmatic Approach to Patient Lifetime Value (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Adam Rice, Suzanne Sawyer, Rob Grant, Dave Griffith

Physician Relations: Make Data Actionable (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Physician Relations & Sales

Robert Perkins, Brian Borchardt

3:45 - 4:45p

Strategic Content Development: Impact on Patient Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Vicki Bencken, Michele Taber

A Patient Experience Success Story

Transform Consumer Experience

Suzanne Hendery, Jan Gnida

Social Media Monitoring: A 24/7 Challenge (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Caroline Ackerman, Melissa Dethlefsen

Seven Proven Tactics for Practice Growth (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Physician Relations & Sales

Nancy Vanselow, Josh Cameron

Better Together: Service Lines Thrive on Collaborative Efforts

Engagement Strategies

Christina Choate, Erin Heath, Courtney Lauer

Friday, October 8

8:00 - 9:15a

Political Update: The Outlook for Healthcare (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Keynote Session

Ann Mond Johnson; Paul Keckley; David Shulkin, MD

9:30 - 10:30a

Improve & Synchronize Provider Data Across Multiple Systems

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Therese Crossett, Brett Westen

Ideas into Action: Let's Talk

Physician Relations & Sales

Kriss Barlow, Susan Boydell

Your Budget Has Been Slashed: How Can You Rebound

Engagement Strategies

Lee Ann Lambdin

10:45 - 11:45a

When the World Turned to Johns Hopkins: Harnessing Trust & Humanizing the Brand (LIVESTREAMED SESSION)

Transform Consumer Experience

Suzanne Sawyer, David Simpkins, Kathy Smith, Gabriel Cohen

Use Marketing Innovation to Quickly Overcome a Talent Shortage

Interactive & Digital Strategies

Lisa McCluskey, Tim Roberts

Drive Physician Referrals: A Multi-Channel Strategy

Physician Relations & Sales

Jonathan Linn, Eric Silberman


Conference Concludes