Friday, October 8, 2021

8:00 - 9:15a

Keynote Session

Political Update: The Outlook for Healthcare

Healthcare continues to be a key focus of policy debates at the federal level. Among the issues shaping discussions are COVID-related issues, drug prices, telehealth, and access to affordable health coverage. What’s the outlook for these issues in the coming months? And what does it mean for hospitals, health systems, and other providers? Get an inside look from top policy experts!

Ann Mond Johnson, CEO, American Telemedicine Association

Paul Keckley, Principal, The Keckley Group

David Shulkin, MD, CEO, Shulkin Solutions LLC

Dan Todd, Principal, Todd Strategy Group

9:30 - 10:30a

strategic marketing

Price Transparency: Boon or Bust for Providers

Price transparency … do you stay away, allowing others to venture there first and suffer possible, negative consequences, or do you seize the opportunity to be a leader and arm consumers with important information that helps them make good decisions? Regardless of what you do, it is now clear that pricing strategy will either build your brand or diminish your brand equity. Hear proprietary national research from NRC on current consumer price perceptions. Then, join in a discussion as your colleagues react to the data.

Judit TejadaStrategic Insights Consultant, Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, FL)

Ryan Donohue, Strategic Advisor, NRC Health

Michael Eaton, Senior Vice President, BVK

communication strategies

Shape an Effective Patient-Donor Experience to Engage Your Most Valuable Customers:

In today’s digital age, it’s critical that marketing and fundraising work together to make it easy for patient-donors to connect, engage, and take action. Examine how to engage patients through on and offline platforms, the right content, and touchpoints that cultivate and convert your highest-value supporters. Hear lessons learned as well as future strategies.

Robin Endicott, Vice President, Philanthropy, Geisinger (Danville, PA)

Ben Texter, Co-Founder, Digital Health Strategies


transform consumer experience

Improve & Synchronize Provider Data Across Multiple Systems

Brown & Toland Physicians consolidated its provider data from 6+ disparate legacy systems into a single data repository to feed its new Epic and eVIPs credentialing systems. Examine the results of creating a technical solution for a “single source of truth” to consolidate, standardize, cleanse, and distribute current and accurate provider data.

Therese Crossett, SVP, Network Development, Brown & Toland Physicians (San Francisco, CA)

Brett Westen, Practice Lead, Healthcare Informatics, IQVIA

interactive & digital strategies

Reimagine the Intranet to Boost Employee Engagement

An interactive, personalized intranet is an essential tool for building employee engagement. Evaluate expectations and challenges. Learn how to determine what content is most important, how design can promote staff acceptance, how employee publications can drive intranet traffic, and how to study and adjust using data to measure success.

Sherrie Voss Matthews, Director, Internal Communication, University Health (San Antonio, TX)

Daniel Small, Director, Digital Strategy, Hartford HealthCare (Hartford, CT)

Hilary Waldman, Director, Corporate Communications, Hartford HealthCare (Hartford, CT)

physician relations & sales

Business Development: Physician Relations & Beyond

Mercy’s expanded business development strategy not only supports relationships with integrated and independent physicians, but also those with community and critical access hospitals, EMS, employers, and post-acute facilities. Examine the strategy, including how team performance is documented and measured across all verticals.

Chandra Mowli, Director of Business Intelligence, Mercy Health (St. Louis, MO)

Carlos Saenz, Vice President, Business Development, Mercy Health (St. Louis, MO)

engagement strategies

Pandemic Aftermath: Learn Where Audiences Are NOW

When Covid prevention via typical marketing and communication channels faltered in a U.S. “hot spot,” ThedaCare found what consumers did want: personal, doctor-driven, and hyperlocal. Hear how mobilizing 440 leaders (CEOs, clergy, educators) persuaded consumers to change and reduced hospitalizations and deaths. That partnership infrastructure is now a strategy to support ThedaCare’s marketing and payor outreach.

Megan Manahan, Chief Brand Officer, ThedaCare (Appleton, WI)

Kathleen L. Lewton, Principal, Lewton Seekins & Trester

10:45 - 11:45a

strategic marketing

Strategic Partnerships to Build Brand & Engagement

As health systems expand through consolidation, whether statewide, regionally, or nationally, they are exploring new opportunities for strategic brand partnerships outside of healthcare. Learn how partnerships with leading consumer brands, sports teams, and innovation and technology properties can support health systems in re-shaping the way they engage with their patients, and the fans or followers of these groups. Examine successful partnerships.

Steve Gertz, Chief Development Officer, 11|TEN Innovation Partners / Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub

Jeff Sofka, President & CEO, Bendigo Sports

communication strategies

Use Marketing Innovation to Quickly Overcome a Talent Shortage

Today, recruiting talent is challenging, particularly in small or rural markets. Hear how CHI Memorial has met that challenge by leveraging its brand and being true to the market. CHI recruited 300 young, experienced nurses from much larger markets in less than a year. Learn how to identify and convey the authentic drivers that will be key to your success.

Lisa McCluskey, Vice President, Marketing Communications, CHI Memorial Health Care System (Chattanooga, TN)

Tim Roberts, President & CEO, Franklin Street

transform consumer experience

Drive Physician Referrals: A Multichannel Strategy

By aligning paid search, social, and display strategies with SEO priorities and physician marketing activity, Baptist Memorial Health Care was able to drive consumer lead volume and increase physician referrals for its Cancer Center. Examine the multichannel strategy, as well as results and ROI.

Jonathan Linn, System Director of Marketing, Baptist Cancer Center, Baptist Memorial Health Care (Memphis, TN)

Eric Silberman, President & Chief Executive Officer, True North Custom

interactive & digital strategies

Video: An Essential Communication Strategy

Video, while recognized as integral in service line growth, is also invaluable for messaging and community updates. Hear how technology, reach, and cross-channel efforts facilitated Banner Health’s success in delivering essential information during the past 1 ½ years. Now, with the light in view at the end of the tunnel, Banner is shifting back to growth, with safety and scalability as part of the focus. Hear lessons learned and future plans.

Chris Pace, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Brand Experience, Banner Health (Phoenix, AZ)

Eric Sperling, Managing Director, STN

physician relations & sales

It's a Hybrid World

Getting your foot in the physician’s office door has long been the goal of physician relations executives. Examine how to engage the physician, as well as the office staff, both virtually and in person. Hear how to create a strategy, driven by research, to deliver quality content on a limited budget. Look at when it is best to engage a virtual strategy, as well as an onsite one.

Ashlee Wesner, Physician Liaison, Carilion Clinic (Roanoke, VA)

engagement strategies

Modernize Patient Communication & Feedback

Nearly 70% of patients today are looking for more personalized communication from their providers. Hear how Sharp Healthcare transformed its patient communication strategy with text messaging, impacting results at every critical patient touchpoint, including better capture of patient feedback, improved ratings, and increased calls directly from Google search.

Rachael Jones, SEO Strategist, Sharp Healthcare (San Diego, CA)

Bryan Oram, AVP, Strategic Healthcare, Podium