Thursday, October 7, 2021

8:00 - 9:15a

Keynote Session

Communicate with Extreme Clarity & Impact in Today’s Hybrid World

Mobile, custom, fast, and easy. That’s what it takes to meet the demands of digital consumers in a hybrid world. Today, healthcare executives are challenged to break through the noise and reach even more distant and distracted audiences—patients, consumers, community influencers, employees, and physicians. Join Debra Jasper as she demonstrates how to create clear, compelling messages that build trust, save time, and drive measurable results.

Debra Jasper, Founder/CEO, Mindset Digital & International Keynote Speaker

10:00 - 11:00a

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When the World Turned to Johns Hopkins: Harnessing Trust & Humanizing the Brand

Over the past 18 months, healthcare organizations have harnessed trust. Learn how Johns Hopkins enhanced trust as part of its brand. Examine Hopkins’ Covid-19 tracker; award-winning crisis communications; and efforts that led to recognition as a top-10 US brand, healthcare’s most humanistic brand, and more.

Suzanne Sawyer, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine (Baltimore, MD)

Kathy Smith, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD)

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One System's Efforts to Address Racism

Mount Sinai Health System is committed to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices into the fabric of its culture. Hear how Marketing & Communications staff created a DEI roadmap that supports the department’s efforts and ability to authentically connect with diverse communities by instilling and upholding anti-racist practices. Examine lessons learned and next steps.

Pam Abner, Vice President, Chief Diversity Operations Officer, Mount Sinai Health System (New York, NY)

Kaylyn Kendall Dines, Manager, Marketing & Communications, Mount Sinai Health System (New York, NY)

Karen Wish, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Mount Sinai Health System (New York, NY)

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Enhance System-Wide Patient Access with Direct Engagement from Providers

Geisinger modernized the care search process, including the creation of a comprehensive provider directory—one that tracked consumer access analytics, particularly for provider searches, to drive online traffic and conversion. Learn how a system-wide initiative, grounded in collaboration with providers, propelled Geisinger’s digital evolution and improved both data accuracy and organic web traffic by 30%.

Sarah Sommer, Vice President of Digital Engagement, Geisinger (Danville, PA)

Erin Jospe, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Kyruus

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Keep Up with Digital Healthcare Consumers

Increasingly, consumers want to connect and communicate with their providers digitally. Health systems that embrace those conversations have the opportunity to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Learn how Memorial Healthcare has evolved its digital strategy to include conversational AI and other new tools and technologies to communicate with patients and guide them on their care journey.

Frederick Anderson, Director, Marketing Technology, Memorial Healthcare System (Miami, FL)

Brian Gresh, President, Loyal

physician relations & sales

Internal Positioning to Strengthen Field Impact

Successful field teams are in the business of collaboration—both internally and externally. Examine real-life leadership approaches for building internal collaboration and visibility for the team. Hear the attributes the field team needs to earn credibility with leaders.

Paula Murphy, RN, BSN, MBA, Senior Physician Liaison, St. Louis Children’s Hospital (St. Louis, MO)

Jackie Kleppe, Director, Outreach & Engagement, University of Iowa Health Care (Iowa City, IA)

Paola Pescara, Vice President, Strategic Growth, Rush University Medical Center (Chicago, IL)

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Use Consumer Search Intent to Drive Volumes & Improve Experience

Through YouGov, Reputation surveyed consumers nationwide about the factors driving their choice of a healthcare provider. They analyzed hundreds of thousands of online reviews for physicians and locations nationwide to understand consumer sentiment in several experience categories. Learn what consumers want to see when they search for care, how they behave, and how to improve the experience in real-time, with best practices from one of the leading health systems in the U.S.

Tomi Galin, Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs, Community Health System (Franklin, TN)

Annie Haarmann, Head of Strategy & Consulting, Healthcare & Life Sciences,

11:15a - 12:15p

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The New Brand Imperatives: What's Ahead?

Delve into the top trends and driving forces every healthcare brand leader needs to know to future-proof their brand. Drawing from consumer insights research, best practices of global brands outside of healthcare, and leading-edge healthcare disruptors, examine the forces that are shaping the healthcare landscape. If you think COVID-19 changed consumer expectations about the healthcare experience, think again! Learn to think in new ways, build new capabilities, and integrate new perspectives.

David Perry, Senior Advisor, Stanford Medicine (Stanford, CA)

Justin Wartell, Managing Principal, Monigle

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Break Down Silos for a Better Digital Experience

As consumers become more involved in their healthcare, they turn towards digital for answers. A healthcare organization’s website, social media, voice, and mobile presence is its front door. But who controls the development and content—the CIO, the CMO, or the CCO? Join your colleagues in their examination of the critical role that each plays, and how to bridge the silos.

Speaker details coming soon.

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Latest Trends in MarTech: Let's Talk

Effective investment in MarTech, including CRM, CMS, marketing automation, and more, is one of today’s most pressing issues for healthcare marketers. How do you identify the right technologies and build the right tech stack for your needs? Hear trends and strategies from seasoned executives.

Stuart Dill, Senior Vice President, The Office of Engagement, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, TN)

Paul Matsen, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)

Nikki Moll, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Baylor Scott & White (Dallas, TX)

Tom Hileman, CEO & President, Hileman Group

interactive & digital strategies

Reinventing a Website: Focus on the Consumer

The time is now for marketers to understand the needs and behaviors of their customers by adopting a consumer-first, search-driven approach. Hear how USC created an information architecture and content strategy that supports multiple audiences. Examine the documented outcomes, as well as plans for the future.

Bhavna Patel, Director of Digital Marketing, Keck Medicine of USC (Yorba Linda, CA)

Bryce Cannon, President, Modea

physician relations & sales

Referring Physician Surveys Can Strengthen Strategies & Relationships

Physician engagement drives hospital performance and growth. Examine the main components of the referral process and the impact on referring physicians’ loyalty. Hear how to target improvement to the referral experience. Learn how research can be used to understand how and where to expand ‘access’ geographically without negatively impacting referring physicians.

Deb Pappas, Vice President, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Connecticut Children’s (Hartford, CT)

Kriss Barlow, Principal, Barlow/McCarthy

Rob Klein, Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners

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Reassess Advertising Media for Engagement

In order to drive awareness and effectively engage with consumers, Brown & Toland Physicians reassessed their use of advertising media. Examine the process, the ad products and targeting used, audience scale, and results. Look at the focus on millennials, the sandwich generation, and seniors, and the impact that adding music to the mix had on all.

Jennifer Jee, Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Community Outreach, Brown & Toland Physicians (Oakland, CA)

Laura Challis, Media Supervisor, True North, Inc.

Anna Clement, Director – Healthcare Vertical, Pandora

12:15 - 1:45p

Luncheon & Panel Discussion

Making the Case for Investing in Marketing & Communications

Never before has speaking “CEO” been more important than the past year. Hear what CEOs value and expect from marketing and how to deliver on those expectations.

Christine Albert, Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, LCMC Health (New Orleans, LA)

Greg Feirn, Chief Executive Officer, LCMC Health (New Orleans, LA)

Suzanne Hendery, Chief Marketing Officer, Renown Health (Reno, NV)

Tony Slonim, MD, President & CEO, Renown Health (Reno, NV)

Ahava Leibtag, (Facilitator), President, Aha Media Group

2:00 - 3:00p

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A Focus on Opportunities & Growth: Marketing’s Role

Geisinger is pushing care closer to customers. Hear about their new 65Forward care model for patients 65+, featuring clinics with small physician panel sizes (450 patients max per doctor), longer appointments, onsite radiology and labs, and fitness centers. And, they are integrated with Geisinger’s health plan growth strategy. Then, examine Geisinger’s retail strategy, including urgent care centers, the Geisinger at Home program, the pharmacy business, and more!

Don Stanziano, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Geisinger (Danville, PA)

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Amp Up the Power in Your Internal Communications

Internal communications is the linchpin of your organization. But how you do you ensure that employees receive and process essential information? Examine the tries, the whys, and the high fives of internal engagement. From multichannel programs to strategic storytelling, hear how to support major changes, recognize great work, and create brand advocates.

Crystal Hardinger, Internal Communications Manager, University of Iowa Health Care (Iowa City, IA)

Christine Woolsey, Head of Global Employee Communications & Change Management, Vyaire Medical (Mettawa, IL)

Kathy Dean, Senior Advisor, SPM Marketing Communications

transform consumer experience

A Fanatically Consistent Healthcare Customer Experience

The world’s best-known brands earned their reputations through fanatical consistency. But in healthcare, organizations are often at the mercy of processes and systems designed by staff and providers, so consistency in the customer experience (CX) suffers. Learn how Honor Health developed a CX index to pinpoint shortcomings and make significant improvements in brand consistency in telehealth, its ACO, and physician practices. Hear results.

Craig Kartchner, AVP, Marketing & Consumer Experience, HonorHealth (Scottsdale, AZ)

Kristin BairdPresident, Baird Group

interactive & digital strategies

Social Media Monitoring: A 24/7 Challenge

Today’s consumers are on social media around the clock, 7 days a week. How can healthcare marketing teams effectively monitor and respond to posts related to customer service issues at their organizations in a timely manner, especially when the posts occur outside of regular office hours? Examine solutions, including on-call models for extended staff coverage of social media and external monitoring services.

Emily Bacheller, Reputation Specialist, Renown Health (Reno, NV)

Melissa Dethlefsen, Director, Social Media & Content Integration, Hartford HealthCare (Hartford, CT)

physician relations & sales

Keep Your Physician Relations Staff Motivated, Focused & Aligned

With many factors disrupting traditional growth strategies, how can physician leaders clarify goals, simplify activities, and communicate market intelligence throughout the organization? Examine new strategies for field-based growth plans. Learn how to keep your team highly functional by understanding individual challenges, integrating with your leaders, and partnering with your physicians.

Chelsea Fanelli, Provider Relations Lead, Centura Health (Denver, CO)

Brad Jones, Physician Relations Director, West Florida Division, AdventHealth (Tampa, FL)

engagement strategies

Expand & Engage Your Physician Network with Digital at the Core

Two years ago, Hackensack Meridian Health launched a digital platform to communicate and connect with its 6,500+ physicians across 175 locations. The platform, which combines clinical functionality with targeted communications, has become a go-to destination for physicians. Examine strategies for expanding a physician network along with best practices for creating a digital front door that saves physicians time while ensuring they get the information and tools they need to deliver care.

Jim Blazar, Chief Strategy Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health (Edison, NJ)

John SimpsonPresident & Co-Founder, Digital Health Strategies

3:45 - 4:45p

strategic marketing

Fracture Events: Implications on Brand

Fracture events change everything, including how consumers view your brand moving forward. Bottom line … following a fracture event, consumers want a change, an advancement into a new better world. Examine findings from an innovative research technique to define this new lens and the implications for branding. Hear how one system used these insights to evolve its brand portrayal.

Emily StottManager of Marketing & Creative Services, Renown Health (Reno, NV)

Cristal Herrera Woodley, Director, Marketing, Communications & Customer Engagement, Renown Health (Reno, NV)

Joel English (Facilitator), Managing Partner, BVK

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Strategic Content Development: Impact on Patient Marketing

Strategic content development with an eye to analytics led to record-breaking website traffic at UC Davis Health. Careful monitoring of data prompted the organization to develop new content in real time based on website analytics, as well as trending keywords that were amplified by social, news, and media channels. Hear how the strategy led to a branded opt-in marketing e-newsletter, extending the reach of existing content to a broader engaged audience.

Vicki Bencken, Digital Communications Director and

Michele Taber, Director of Brand Management and Marketing, UC Davis Health (Sacramento, CA)

transform consumer experience

User Centered Planning & Design

Sue Jablonski, SVP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, OhioHealth

Venessa Heilman, UX Manager, OhioHealth

interactive & digital strategies

Digital Demand: Meet Online Consumer Expectations

The digital transformation has accelerated at warp speed over the last year. Examine the key trends that have accelerated the new patient journey and how to leverage them for better competitive patient acquisition. Hear how to drive down call volume and costs and wisely invest your marketing dollars. Learn how to invest in digital experiences that will keep your patients happy and loyal!

Kevin Madden, AVP of Ecommerce, Providence (Seattle, WA)

Carrie Liken, Head of Industry, Healthcare, Yext

physician relations & sales

Seven Proven Tactics for Practice Growth

If you have ever helped launch a physician practice, you know that no two launches are the same. Examine how to consider provider personalities, interest, and comfort when planning your outreach. Review best practices used by liaison teams to promote new physicians. Hear what adjustments should be considered to create impact.

Nancy Vanselow, Referral Development Manager, Marketing & Communication, Children’s Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

Josh Cameron, Vice President, Client Services, Marketware

engagement strategies

Better Together: Service Lines Thrive on Collaborative Efforts

Hospital and clinic service line growth goals are often identified in silos, with marketing and physician relations working in different lanes. Working together, University of Utah’s marketing and physician relations staff have been using data to drive decision making and create goals for each service line. Hear the steps needed to make the change, and the success that resulted!

Christina Choate, Physician Relations Consultant, University of Utah Health (Salt Lake City, UT)

Erin Heath, Business Operations Manager, University of Utah Health (Salt Lake City, UT)

Courtney Lauer, Marketing Manager, University of Utah Health (Salt Lake City, UT)

4:45 - 6:30p

Reception in the Exhibit Hall