Transforming Consumer Experience, August 18-20, 2020

Call Centers: Unifying the "Front Door"

Busy health system call centers often aren’t able to sufficiently prioritize marketing “calls to action” as they contend with patient management demands. Learn how to unify the “front door” to maximize patient capacity and meet consumers where they are. Hear how MedStar Health and Nemours improved access, service, experience, and growth with support from a technology-enabled call center.

Ken D’Andrea, AVP, Patient Access Centers, MedStar Health (Columbia,, MD)

Rachel Donovan, Managing Director of Enterprise Marketing Strategy, Nemours (Wilmington, DE)

David Cerino, Chief Executive Officer, Envera Health

MarTech: The Ultimate Toolkit for Patient Experience and Growth

Without a larger strategy, tools like CRM and marketing automation can fall short of expectations and become expensive investments with questionable paybacks. Learn how to develop a growth strategy to guide martech investments, build profitable business, and optimize marketing spend and ROI. Examine how to use data to target messaging, optimize demand generation, and more.

Sue Omori, Executive Director, Marketing Account Services, Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)

Sarah Sanders, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Nemours Children’s Health System (Jacksonville, FL)

Suzanne Sawyer, SVP, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine (Baltimore, MD)

Marketers and Clinicians: Working Together to Transform Care

Vanderbilt is driving change in diabetes education and management, inpatient admissions and readmissions, care transitions, and more. Learn how marketing and clinical leaders partnered to develop content and increase physician adoption of population health resources. Hear how email campaigns, content hubs, and sophisticated content solutions power the effort.

Megan PruceVP, Business Engagement Strategies and

Mallory Yoder, Manager, Business-to-Business Marketing & Communications, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, TN)

Jane Crosby, VP, Strategy & Business Development, True North

How AI Can Change the Future of Healthcare

Computers that can learn and take on human tasks offer real opportunities across all parts of our healthcare system, not only for making care more effective, but more affordable and accessible as well. Examine the transformative impact of AI on healthcare. Hear how AI technology can augment the work of people and help close the gap between demand for care and its supply in a more affordable way and on patient’s terms.

Kaveh Safavi, MD, JD, Global Managing Director, Health Industry, Accenture

The Language of Healthcare

Healthcare is full of language that is not well understood by consumers, patients, and families—and it’s time for that to change! Examine commonly misunderstood terms and the words and phrases consumers use instead. Hear how the right language improves understanding, experience, and connections.

Sandra MackeyChief Marketing Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health (Cincinnati, OH)

David Perry, Senior Advisor, Stanford Health Care (Stanford, CA)

Chrisie ScottSVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Virtua Health (Marlton, NJ)

Stephen Moegling (Facilitator), SVP of Growth, Hailey Sault

Multicultural Marketing and Outreach: A Holistic Approach for Future Growth

As demographics shift, healthcare marketers are challenged to connect with multiple cultures and ethnicities in culturally authentic ways. Learn how an integrated approach centered on core human truths can improve brand relevance, communication, and patient experience for all audiences.

Len FongAssociate VP, Multicultural Marketing & Outreach, City of Hope (Duarte, CA)

David Maricich, President & COO, Maricich Health