8 Favorite Tweets from #HMPS18

Wow. Just wow.

The #HMPS18 hashtag generated more than 11.9 million impressions over the course of the Summit. With more than 3,420 tweets and 397 participants, the 800+ attendees at last week’s Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit were collectively tweeting about 47 times an hour.

Thanks for making the Summit such a Twitter success! Here’s a look at a few tweets that caught our eye:

  1. Tell better stories

Chrisie Scott: @Chrisivity

Say it with #stories! #Brands are elevating conversations, yet #healthcare has all the credibility. Connect with people with authenticity…your perfectly, imperfect voice! @rontite #HMPS18

  1. Know what your CEO wants

Kim Blake: @KimKBlake

If you don’t know your CEO’s goals and how they translate into what you do, you may stay busy, but you won’t be effective – Trish Cluff at #HMPS18

  1. Be a hybrid marketer

Bonnie Nicholls: @hearyewriting

The modern marketer is part artist, part scientist. #HMPS18

  1. It’s not all about measurement

Paul Griffiths: @paul_griffiths

Kindness improves patient experience as well as measurable outcomes.

  1. Does your brand have an integrity gap? Fix it

Dan Dunlop: @dandunlop

A huge challenge for brands is the integrity gap when they don’t live up to their hype. They act in a way that contradicts the brand messaging. @rontite #hmps18

  1. Invest in tech

Joe Borgenicht: @jborgenicht

Marketing of the future–you don’t need bigger budgets and more people. You need the technology to make smarter decisions. #HMPS18

  1. Improve your patient surveys

Kelly David: @kldavid

If they liked their visit before the 35 question survey, they’re certainly not going to like it when they finally finish the survey. #HMPS18

  1. Take a deep breath

Tiffany Castor: @TiffanyCastor4

“Listen to the tweet of your heartbeat, status update from your body and chat request coming from your brain.” Friend yourself @GopiKallayil #hmps18

And, here are the 5 top tweets shared by the Forum:

5 @hcstrategists tweets from the Summit

Thanks to all for tweeting! Continue to follow the Forum @HCStrategists for updates on the latest healthcare marketing and physician relations success strategies, as well as upcoming Forum webinars, newsletters, and #HMPS19.

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