Improving Your Website with AI: Get Ready for Chatbots

Can chatbots improve the digital experience for healthcare consumers? Piedmont Healthcare thinks so. Learn more in our upcoming webinar.

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Healthcare Marketers: You Need to Unplug

With so much external technology demanding our attention in today’s world, Gopi Kallayil reminds us to not forget about the most sophisticated, complex technology we all have: our brains.

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5 Marketing Tips for a Successful Healthcare Merger

Mergers and acquisitions present some unique challenges for healthcare marketers and communicators. What does it take to ensure success? Executives who’ve “been there” offer recommendations.

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3 Tips to Improve Your Workday

Looking for ways to help your workday go a bit more smoothly? Check out a few tips from the Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit.

8 Favorite Tweets from #HMPS18

The #HMPS18 hashtag generated more than 3,500 tweets and more than 12 million impressions. Check out some of our favorite tweets!

HMPS18 Day Three: 3 Tips for Improving Your Hospital’s Brand

The 23rd Annual Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit came to a close on Wednesday, May 2. Read on for some highlights from the final day.

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HMPS Day One: 4 Challenges Healthcare Marketers and Communicators Face

We woke up to snow, but ended Day One with sunshine and more than 800 attendees meditating at the end of a thought-provoking keynote by Gopi Kallayil, chief brand evangelist for Google. Read on for some highlights.


What Nearly 7 Million Online Reviews Say About the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Healthcare is beginning to recognize the value consumers place on easily accessible and transparent information and services. Leverage this new analysis to connect more meaningfully with consumers.

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The Perfect Consumer Experience

Consumers today expect personalization in every aspect of their lives – and healthcare is no exception. For health systems, that means delivering superior service and engaging patients at a personalized level.

Boosting Referral Rates Through Comprehensive Data

Nurturing referral relationships is a time- and resource-intensive process. Emory Healthcare increased physician referral rates and surpassed the ROI ratio goal for its physician liaison program by 27 percent.