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Getting Your Content Ready for Voice

Voice will change the delivery of care, and it begins with content. A new eBook will help you prepare.

Evolution of Marketing

The Evolving Role of the Healthcare Marketing Executive

The role of the healthcare marketing executive is continually growing and evolving, in step with healthcare transformation. Learn what a panel of marketing leaders has to say about the latest evolution, and where the role is headed.

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Meet Your New Competitor … Amazon

Amazon is jumping into healthcare in a big way. How should healthcare marketers prepare for this new competitor and disruptive force?

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I Gave at the (Doctor’s) Office: Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Fundraising

By integrating customer communications with donor fundraising, marketers can play an important role in the philanthropic process. Read on for five tips to get started.

Aligning Lights for Coherence

Every Healthcare Organization Needs a “Chief Coherence Officer”

More than other industries, healthcare brands gain their definition and meaning from the collective impact of a complex range of touchpoints. Orchestrating these touchpoints to bring the brand to life calls for a “Chief Coherence Officer.”

Population Health Management Components

The Marketer’s Role in a Population Health World

The emerging population health world offers significant opportunities for marketers and communicators to thrive as facilitators of behavior change. Working collaboratively with clinical services will yield the best results.

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The New Face of Audience Journey Mapping in Healthcare

How can journey mapping be used to understand, reach, and influence healthcare audiences? Explore three strategies—inspired by best practices from B2B and B2C marketers.

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5 Strategies for Leveraging Patient Journey Mapping to Improve Patient Experience

Marketers can and should be contributing to patient experience. Patient Journey Mapping provides a framework for doing so.

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Preparing Your Content for Voice

More and more, consumers are using their voices to search for information. That’s a trend that is sure to continue—and marketers need to be prepared.

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5 Healthcare Marketing Trends for 2018

Imagine knowing what will most significantly impact your work in the next year. Imagine knowing what will most significantly impact the healthcare industry this coming year. Would you change strategies?…

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Welcome to the Wide World of Sports!

By Jeff Sofka Top marketing executives at companies like Chase, Amex, Nationwide, IBM, and Mercedes-Benz have learned how to leverage sports partnerships through decades of experience, data, and support from…

Crafting a Leading Brand Architecture Strategy

“How do the leading brands do it?” That’s a question healthcare brand leaders consistently ask about brand architecture strategy. Brand architecture—the way you organize and present your portfolio of offerings…

6 Essential Healthcare Marketing Trends You Ought to Know (and Leverage)

This summer, Franklin Street created a series of videos documenting how providers can best use six key trends for their healthcare brands. Here’s a closer look at the trends and…

How To Track And Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

Perhaps no industry understands the value of data as well as the healthcare sector. Having the right data at the right time enables clinicians to make the best decisions possible…

Internet Marketing Lead Generation: How Does Your Strategy Stack Up?

Creating a strong Internet marketing campaign is a lot like creating a treatment plan for a patient—certain elements have to be there, but they all have to work in connection…

Physician Search: Is Your Digital Front Door Open or Closed?

By Amanda Bury Managing Director of Healthcare SIM Partners About seven out of 10 Internet users look for medical care online, and often that search involves finding a physician. It’s…

4 Hospitals on LinkedIn That Make You Say, “Wow!”

By Jessica Levco There are more than 650 hospitals with LinkedIn accounts. But, because LinkedIn is seen as a professional social media outlet, a lot of marketers play it “safe.”…

Five Marketing Ideas Your Physicians will Love

By Jessica Levco Let’s face it: Physicians don’t want to hear your marketing plans, your marketing anecdotes, or your marketing ideas. That’s because most physicians don’t really care about marketing….

5 Essential Healthcare Marketing Trends You Ought to Know (and Leverage)

In late December 2015, Franklin Street published its annual Health Care Marketing Trends Report. In the report, the firm identified three key trends impacting providers and other healthcare brands: 1….

The 10 Best Hospitals on Instagram

Is your hospital on Instagram? Wondering whether your organization should be using this platform, and if so, how? According to Ahava Leibtag of Aha Media Group,  a picture can be worth…