Putting Your Data to Work

Are you getting everything you need out of your data as a healthcare leader? Join Christine Albert, Chief Experience Officer at LCMC Health, and podcast host Alan Tam as they explore the changing landscape of patient experience. Christine takes us behind the scenes to dissect the secret weapon of healthcare – putting your data to work.


– Why healthcare marketing is evolving: are you working for your insights, or are your insights working for you?

– Breaking down data and organizational silos: how LCMC Health is creating a seamless patient experience, from appointment to recovery.

– Building a brand that puts patients first: discover LCMC Health’s secret sauce.

– The future of healthcare: data-driven personalization and experiences.

This conversation is more than just healthcare – it’s about putting your data to work. Dive in and learn how to make your data work for you and your patients.

This conversation is brought to you by Actium Health in partnership with the Forum for Healthcare Strategists.

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